Training & Development

1. Sudanese Trainees: The Company conducts training programs for young Sudanese to fit them, on successful completion of their course, for certain designated functions in the Company. Training vacancies are limited in number and established in the Manpower Establishment in the same way, as are vacancies for employees. Trainees are engaged on a Training Agreement, the items conditions of which are different from those applying to employees. It does not constitute an offer of employment with the Company. However, Trainees who successfully complete their training program and can satisfy the other conditions of employment normally demanded by the Company, will be offered a post in keeping with that for which have been trained.

2. Training Courses and Attachments outside Sudan: In additions to those Sudanese trainees who participate in the Company's Training Scheme, other employees may, from time to time, be required undertake courses outside Sudan which are necessary to their developments or which will bring them up-to-date on new techniques and developments in their own particular sphere. It is the intention of the Company that employees of whom this is required shall not be at a financial disadvantage thereby

3. Study Leaves: The Company recognizes that, in addition to the provisions in the Policy whereby employees are encouraged to improve their educational standards though release, on full pay, to sit for examinations organized and held in Sudan by the Ministry of Education and/or Sudan Universities and in addition to the provisions in the Policy whereby employees expertise up-dated and/or developed through courses, attachments and appropriate experience arranged by the Company, there may be a requirement from time to time to send Sudanese employees for full time studies abroad and or Sudan Universities or other centers to improve their educational and performance standards and avail them of job development opportunities. The objective of such leaves shall be to obtain a diploma, University degree or Post-graduate educational certificate connected with the employee's current type of work or with the job to be occupied by him/her in the future all under the Company's Plan concerning job development of Sudan manpower. The Company shall therefore determine the appropriate type of studies necessary in connection with the granting of such leaves.

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