PDOC work to attract and retain talented workforce through an attractive compensation and development plans


Work Hours 

For Office based staff working hours start from 8:00 to 5:00 with one hour lunch time, Friday and Saturday is rest days. For Field staff, is 12 hours per day as per schedule (28 days on & 28 days off).



1.Medical Care   

Employees and their eligible members of families are entitled to receive free medical treatment and care at the assigned medical facilities in Khartoum (Panel Clinics) and field clinics which include consultations, investigations, treatment, and surgical operations in addition to some special procedures.

2. Social Insurance

3. Takaful & Life Insurance

4. Leaves (Annual Leave, Compassionate Leave, Maternity Leave)


Training and Development

The Company provides adequate training in order to achieve maximum productivity and to enhance the development of Sudanese employees through career paths



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