Safety is one of the essential requirements to ensure the rapid development of a business and the health of its staff. High risks in oil industry mean that hard work has to be done to ensure safety. PDOC has launched “Promotion and Internalization HSE Work Culture” as its strategy, focusing on human-centered safety behavior improvement.

In order to achieve the above strategy, PDOC carry out the following initiatives and activities:

  • Planning and coordinating the development and implementation of an effective safety management system, including the development and implementation of an accident prevention and safety awareness programs aimed at achieving the highest possible safety standards, minimizing accidents and damage.
  • Reviewing and analyzing accidents/near miss incidents to measure safety performance; supervises and participates in investigations to identify causes and provides recommendations for improvement in procedures or working behaviors.
  • Ensuring compliance to safety policies and Government regulations in all areas of PDOC's operations. Plans, coordinates and participates in technical and safety audits and inspection programs to identify potential deficiencies and safety hazards and to follow up on issues identified.
  • Development, updating and implementation of safety manuals and procedures.
  • Ensuring the highest possible levels of preparedness, through the development of effective policies, plans and procedures, for emergency response and crisis management. ? Conducting regular emergency and crisis management exercises and drills, identifying program and response weaknesses, and making changes to procedures to mitigate such occurrences
  • Ensuring that management, employees and contractors are provided with effective safety skills through the review, development, and coordination of safety training programs. Conducts aspects of safety training and carries out an ongoing review of the effectiveness of safety training. Includes carrying out training needs analysis and developing the Training Plan.
  • Supervising the development, and participates in the implementation of the Company's risk management system ensuring that potentially hazardous events are identified and corrective action taken. Coordinates risk assessment studies, recommends risk reduction measures, conducts and leads Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) studies on new facilities and modifications.









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