Vendors Registration

Only vendors registered on PDOC’s Vendor Registration Database (PVRD) will be considered to be invited to bid for any tender to supply PDOC’s operational material or services requirements

The registration of any vendor does not constitute any commitment or obligation for PDOC to issue any Tender’s Invitation to Bid or Enquiry. The decision to invite or not to invite any vendor for any tender/ enquiry shall be under sole discretion of PDOC

Download the registration form and fill in the required information.

Applications must include all compulsory documents as listed in the vendor registration form.

PDOC Vendor’s registration is Free of Charge.

 The completed registration form may be forwarded by mail, hand, fax or e-mail to:

Manager Procurement Dept,
Finance & Services Division,
3rd floor, Petrodar Tower,
Khartoum, Sudan
Attention: Mr.Mohamed Noor Eldin

Fax: +24 (9)183 780 590


 Or contact Procurement Office at Tel. No. +24 (9)187 00 8351 for any further information about registering.

 Applicant must submit the following documents in order to be considered for further evaluation:

1. Completed PDOC Vendor Registration Form.

2. Valid Company Certificate of Incorporation.

3. Valid Tax Certificate.

4. Completed Product/ Service Category Registration Application Form

5. Submit a certificate from “Organising Council for Engineering Works Contractors (OCEWC) for contractor who wish to apply for engineering works category.

In addition to the above, applicant is also advised to submit the following supporting documents:

1. Letter of Exclusive Agency Appointment (if operate as agent)

2. If company intent to perform/manufacture the service/product by themselves, to submit list of equipment, experience and manpower.

On receipt of your application, PDOC will evaluate your application form for completeness and competency and those applications which pass evaluation will be captured on the Vendor Registration system.

As further confirmation of registration, registered vendors will be supplied with registration certificates after evaluation of their credentials status. Registration will be confirmed in writing. 

PDOC hold the right to accept or not to accept company’s registration request.

Please be informed that any vendor registered with PDOC can be suspended or blacklisted at any time if it is found that the vendor provide wrong information, violated business ethics or failed to comply with contractual obligation. 

PDOC’s Procurement Department and will continuously monitor the relevant competencies of registered vendors, and PDOC reserves the right to revise a vendor's competency rating at any time. Registered suppliers will be expected to notify the PDOC Vendor Registration Database Unit (PVRDU), of any changes in ownership, name, products and services so as to determine the effect of such changes on their competency rating.  

Vendors who wish to cancel or withdraw their registration as vendors must do so in writing.   

All information provided for registration purposes is treated as confidential and is for the use of PDOC only. However, the names of all registered vendors and the general nature of their involvement with PDOC will be public knowledge


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