Marine Terminal

The facilities are designed based on the following main criteria:

»  To receive crude at an initial flow rate of 220,000 BPD and ultimately of 500,000 BPD
»  Heating of crude above its pour point
»  Independent power generation
»  3,000,000 bbl crude oil storage capacity with future provision for additional 1,500,000 bbl storage
»  2,000,000 BPD shipping rate,
»  300,000 DWT tanker mooring capacity
»  Interconnecting pipelines to GNPOC to facilitate crude export through GNPOC sub-sea pipelines, PLEM and CALM system and vice versa for GNPOC crude shipping flexibility by using PDOC sub-sea pipelines, PLEM and CALM system
»  Design life of 25 years
In general, the Marine Terminal comprises of the following systems:
Main Process Systems
»  Crude Inlet & Storage
»  Crude Export & Metering
»  Pipeline end-manifold (PLEM) / Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring (CALM)
» PDOC-GNPOC Interconnecting Pipelines


Supporting Systems
»  Power Generation » Hot Oil System » Compressed Instrument & Utility Air
» Fuel System – Diesel » Fuel System – Crude » Flushing Oil
» Fire Protection » Closed Drain & Relief » Open Drain & Effluent Water
» Wax Processing Unit » Yo-Yo Pumps » Metering
» Potable & Utility Water » Nitrogen System » Electrical Heat Tracing
» Cathodic Protection » SCADA & Telecom » MCC & Control Building


General descriptions of the above systems as follows:

Crude Inlet & Storage tanks
No of storage tanks  - 6 ( fitted by Radar Gauge System ( dip + temp) )
Tank Capacity         - 500,000    bbls
Total Storage Capacity      - 3,000,000 bbls
Total Dead-Stock       - 300,000    bbls
Total Pump-able Capacity -

2,700,000 bbls

Total reference height  - 17.9 m
Safe fill height           - 16 m
Tank Roof Diameter   - 82 m


Crude Export & Metering

The crude export facilities basically comprise the followings systems:

»  2 x 48” headers
»  Booster pumps, P-30301A/B/C/D @ 4614 m3/hr each
»  Metering skid, PK-30601
» Shipping Pumps, P-30303A/B/C/D @ 4614 m3/hr each
» 2 x 36” export pipelines (1 km onshore plus 2 km offshore)
» SPM offshore installation consisting of Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring (CALM) Buoy, a Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM), semi-submerged tank and an Anchoring System.

The export facilities also include two (2) 36-inch 2 km long interconnecting lines between the Bashayer 2 Marine Terminal export lines and the existing GNPOC Marine Terminal export lines.

Crude oil for export is transferred via the 48” headers using the booster pumps and subsequently passing through metering skid and suction of the shipping pumps. The crude enters the 2 x 36” export pipelines and uploaded to the ship via the CALM system. The overall offshore SPM, under normal operation, is to be used to moor and load conventional 300,000 DWT tankers. The export capacity is up to 2,000,000 bpd with 3 pumps in operation.

The interconnection pipelines between PDOC & GNPOC Marine Terminal provide flexibility in such a way that Bashayer 2 Marine Terminal will be able to export its crude through GNPOC export pipelines, PLEM and CALM system and vice versa for GNPOC crude shipping flexibility by using PDOC export pipelines, PLEM and CALM system.

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