DownStream Operations

Downstream facilities include the 32-inch field pipeline from the Field Processing Facility ( FPF ) to  the Central Processing Facility (CPF), the 32-inch export pipeline downstream of CPF, the associated pipeline pumping facilities and the export marine terminal. The SCADA and Telecommunications systems are part of the downstream facilities.

The flow rate in the export pipeline will start from an initial value of 200,000 bbls/day, however all facilities will be designed for 500,000 bbls/day with phased installation of some facilities (mainly pump stations) as required.
The pipeline design is split into two sections.  The first section links a combined facility at Palouge, termed the Field Processing Facility (FPF), which gathers the well fluids and removes gas and free water.  A pump station linked to a 242 km pipeline, termed the Field pipeline, transports the remaining fluid to the Central Processing Facility (CPF) located near Al Jabalain.
At the CPF the crude oil is treated to export quality and via a series of pump and heater stations is transported to a new Marine Terminal (Bashayer 2) located near Port Sudan and the existing Marine Terminal (Bashayer 1)  on the Red Sea Coast, a distance of approximately 1128 km, along a pipeline termed the Export pipeline.

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