Greater Palogue , Teng-Mishmish Fields

Greater Palouge:

Greater Palouge field is located at Block 7E ,Melut Basin area, approximately 650 km south of Khartoum .

Exploration activities was initially established by Chevron in 1975 since  that time several relinquishments had taken place.Palogue field was discovered in 2002 by Palogue-1.One third of Sudan Oil Production is there.

Teng-Mishmish :

 Teng-Mishmish field is located in block 7E, North-West of Gumry oilfield and South East of Palogue oilfield. 

Teng-Mishmish field 1st oil was on May 2010,started with 18 wells, in addition of two new wells commissioned on August 2010. 

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