Upstream Operations

The exploration activates started 2001 in the concession area (74,000 sq. km) in blocks 3 and 7 in Melut Basin. The blocks contain – at that time only - the Adar Yale oilfields.

As of Jan 2010, Petrodar acquired a total of 20831 Km 2D and 5436 sq. Km 3D Seismic data.

And a total of 197 Wildcat wells and 69 Appraisal/Delineation wells. With 129 discoveries and average success ratio of 65%. The drilling started with one rig and by now its 11 rigs.

The exploration breakthrough, rising oil reserve 20 folds since the start of PDOC operation.

Currently the total discovered reserve (STOIIP) and recoverable resources are 6081 MMstb and 1319 MMstb, respectively, Distributed in 10 oilfields.

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