The China National Petroleum Corporation

New The China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) is a wholly State-owned corporation authorised by the State to make investments in petroleum and natural gas resources and related industries. CNPC is engaged in upstream and downstream operations, import and export transactions, and production and marketing activities. Its business activities range across a number of industries throughout China and the methods of investment take a number of forms, which give it a diversified range of ownership. Its businesses include: oil and gas exploration and development, petrochemical production, petroleum trade, and servicing of petroleum-related projects. CNPC has abundant reserves of oil and natural gas and considerable experience in the exploration and development of oil and natural gas resources.

CNPC is structured along modern enterprise lines. In 1999, CNPC reorganised its assets and restructured its business. As part of this restructuring, CNPC established the PetroChina Company Limited. CNPC has become Petrochina's parent company and it transferred to Petrochina most of the assets, liabilities and interests of CNPC relating to CNPC's domestic exploration and production, refining and marketing, chemicals and natural gas business. CNPC retained the assets and liabilities relating to its remaining business and operations, including assets and liabilities relating to international crude oil and natural gas exploration and production and refining and pipeline operations. CNPC is Petrochina's primary provider of a wide range of services and products. Another feature of this reorganisation is the partial privatisation of Petrochina. Global companies can become joint equity owners in PetroChina, with CNPC retaining majority ownership.


Petronas PETRONAS, short for Petroliam Nasional Berhad

Established in 1974, PETRONAS is Malaysia's very own integrated petroleum multinational corporation with a strong ranking on the FORTUNE Global 500.
Our business activities range from upstream oil and gas exploration and production to downstream oil refining; marketing and distribution of petroleum products; trading; gas processing and liquefaction; gas transmission pipeline operations; marketing of liquefied natural gas; petrochemical manufacturing and marketing; shipping; and property investment.
As a responsible corporate citizen, PETRONAS is committed to managing our petroleum resources and operations responsibly by balancing commercial, environmental and social objectives to ensure sustainable development for the benefit of the people and local community in the host countries wherever we operate.  


Sudapet Sudapet (Sudan Petroleum Company Ltd.) has been established in 1997. It is a wholly owned company of the Ministry of Energy & Mining, incorporated under the Sudan Petroleum Resources Laws of the Republic of the Sudan.
The company has been established in the time of peak petroleum activities in Sudan with technical and economic strategy as integrated part to petroleum industry in Sudan.
The company and other partners, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), Petronas Carigali Overseas Sdn. Bhd (PCOSB), Talisman agreed in accordance with consortium principles between the Government and partners to overcome the difficulties to conduct the Sudan Petroleum project.

Sudapet participated in other projects in different areas with other international companies. The company is looking forward for expansion and development to achieve its goals. Sudapet intends in the future to spread its wings and establishes in foreign countries by foreseeing the growing opportunities in their market. Sudapet is striving towards nationalization and building of the infrastructure of the oil industry in Sudan, and is trying to encourage the national companies to participate in the exploration and production operations. The company according to the plan will exert appreciated efforts to become public Petroleum Company as the other international companies.


Sinopec China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group) is a super large petroleum and petrochemical enterprise group headquartered in Beijing, China. As one of the largest integrated energy and petrochemical companies in the world, Sinopec group is a state-owned company with registered capital of RMB130.6 billion (approximately USD 20 billion).
Focusing on its core business of petroleum and petrochemicals, China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (Sinopec Corp.), controlled by Sinopec group is a publicly listed company with integrated upstream and downstream operations and a complete marketing network. Sinopec Corp issued shares and listed on the stock markets in Hong Kong, New York, London and Shanghai.
In 2010 Sinopec Corp produced 328 million barrels of crude and 441.4 billion cubic feet of natural gas. The company refined 211 million tons of crude oil, becoming the 2nd largest refiner globally. With service stations increased to 29601, which now is the world’s 2nd largest network, the total sales of refined oil products reached 149 million tons. Total sales volume of chemical products for 2010 reached 43.50 million tons. Ethylene annual output reached 9.059 million tons, rank 4th cross the globe. The total annual revenues of the company in the year 2010 is RMB 1913 billion (USD292 billion)
Sinopec group’s major business activities include: industrial investment; the exploration, production, storage and transportation, marketing and comprehensive utilization of oil and natural gas; oil refining ; the wholesale of gasoline and diesel; the production, marketing, storage, transportation of petrochemicals and other chemical products; the design, construction and installation of petroleum and petrochemical engineering projects; the overhaul and maintenance of petroleum and petrochemical equipments; etc.
Sinopec group ranked the 7th in the Fortune Global 500 in 2010 

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Tri-Ocean Energy

Tri-Ocean Energy is a privately-owned energy company, active in oil and gas exploration and production, trading and shipping of oil and oil derivatives, and venturing into the future of renewable energy. Headquartered in Cairo, It is harnessing its experience and dedication to build one of the Middle East and North Africa's first vertically-integrated energy companies. Currently Tri-Ocean has operations in Egypt, Syria and Sudan. 

Since its establishment in July 2006, it has successfully achieved a number of milestones, underscoring the success of its chosen strategy. By controlling all aspects of the value chain from exploration and production, trading and shipping through to refining, Tri-Ocean Energy believes that it can offer its stakeholders a sustained higher return on investment and its partners a standard of value and quality that sets it apart from its competitors.
Success inTri-Ocean Energy business cannot be achieved alone. To succeed in its vision in each of its business lines, an integral aspect of its strategy is to enter into partnerships with the best in their respective fields to leverage its local knowledge on their existing strength. Tri-Ocean Energy believes in being an active partner. It present better, more efficient options for its partnerships, leading to an added value.
To spread its risk, Tri-Ocean Energy is constructing a balanced portfolio, through diversifying its business and investing in different countries within its region. This strategy allowsTri-Ocean Energy to implement what it has learned across its business lines. Tri-Ocean Energy selects its investments based on the best assets and the best partnership to exploit these assets.


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